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Muhammad Amir Qureshi

Muhammad Amir Qureshi, the retired civil servant of the Govt. of Pakistan and currently working as a Programme Manager, Insaan Relief (UK registered charity) was given these healing powers from sometime through the special gift from Allah SWT to heal people suffering from different diseases including cancers, immune disorders, spine and back problems, kidney issues and hepatitis (particularly paralysis). He has treated hundreds of ailing persons since then in different parts of the world.  His treatment is based on healing through Quranic verses and therefore it’s voluntary (Fee Sabilillah). This is not exactly like Reiki healing but is based on the same fact that all healing comes from God who has all the power.  Like Reiki, this is a simple and safe method of spiritual healing. He has found this healing effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady.

Muhammad Amir Qureshi is a spiritual healer who offers alternative treatment to diseases through free healing, based on Quranic verses. Over the centuries holistic healers have developed healing methods based on Quran and other holy scriptures that have healed even the most terrible diseases. Muhammad Amir has successfully healed hundreds of people suffering from cancer, liver, prostrate, hepatitis, and other diseases, especially those with kidneys, stroke, arthritis, spinal and paralysis issues. This healing is so powerful that in many cases patients have received instantaneous healing response.

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